AL122 - High performance label dispenser

Technical data

Labelling speed Up to 70 m/min
Labelling rate Up to 390/min (100 mm label lenght)
Up to 760/min (50 mm label lenght)
Up to 1400/min (25mm label lenght)
Precision +/- 0,5mm
Label size from 20x20mm to 120x2559mm
Label size Up to 300mm (12"), 76mm (3") core
Dimensions 700 x 600 x 245mm (120mm width version)
700 x 600 x 310mm (180mm width version)
Weight 21Kg (approx)
Power supply 90-240 VAC, 50-440 Hz, 120W max
Environement 5 to 35 �C, relative humidity from 20 to 90%
Interfaces Multiple 24Vdc I/Os for remote control, triggering, synchronization, etc. (M12 sockets) USB 1.1 full-speed (Type B socket)
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