AL122 - High performance label dispenser


The AL122 is a "wipe-on" applicator for pre-printed labels that combines high-performance, accuracy, flexibility, robustness and ease of use in a compact and very affordable unit.
It can feed labels up to 70m/min and this speed can be easily adjusted either by simply turning a knob or by pushing a key on a display panel. In case of variable-speed applications, an encoder wheel can be installed to automatically adjust in real-time the label feed speed to exactly match the conveyor speed in the range 0-70m/min. The conveyor can even stop and restart in the middle of a label.
The machine can use label rolls up to 300 mm (12") diameter, with standard 76 mm (3") core and width up to 120 mm (optionally up to 180 mm).
The paper feed mechanism is powered by two separate stepping motors: the independent rewinder allows to keep a constant web tension without any mechanical adjustment. There are NO clutches, brushes or brakes that require critical adjustment or periodic maintenance. Thanks to the "smart" and efficient management of the motors, the power requirement is limited to 120W max at full speed (much less in stand-by).
The AL122 is available in left-hand or right-hand version and it can be installed with different orientations, to apply labels on any side of the product parallel to motion direction. Thanks to its compactness (total thickness of just 240 mm in the 120 mm wide version), it can be easily installed also in tight spaces.

The operator interface can be really minimal: a pre- configured machine can be routinely operated with just one Start/Stop push-button and an alarm lamp, visible from distance, that indicates the operating condition of the machine. In installations where more local control is required, two different options are available: a simple panel with 2 potentiometers, 3 LEDs and 4 function keys already offers a good degree of configurability, while a more flexible panel with a 2x20 characters LCD, 2 LEDs and 5 function keys offers extensive diagnostics and menu-driven configurability with multi-language support. Both controllers can be detached from the machine body and remotely placed where they can be more conveniently accessible by the operator. A USB interface also gives the possibility to use an external PC to remotely monitor, control and configure the machine, with sophisticated diagnostic and management capabilities, including simultaneous control of several machines from the same PC.
On production lines requiring minimal down-times, it is possible to directly interconnect two machines in a "twin system" that automatically switches operation to the other unit when the current one stops for any reason (typically to reload a new label roll).
Industry-standard M12 connectors are used for all I/O interface signals except for USB.

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