AP122 - High performance label applicator

Linear units

The widely-used linear application units are available in two standard stroke lenghts: 250mm and 500mm. They can apply up to 90 labels per minute, depending by label size and stroke lenght.
All the units are equipped with a low-force Festo penumatic ISO-cylinder, that together with the machine's design, makes the AP122 intrinsecally safe for the operator.
All the linear units comes with a quick-exchange application plate to hold different label sizes on the same machine.


Part number Description
122.160L AP122 left-hand, 120mm paper width, w/out applicator group
122.160R AP122 right-hand, 120mm paper width, w/out applicator group
122.162L AP122 left-hand, 180mm paper width, w/out applicator group
122.162R AP122 right-hand, 180mm paper width, w/out applicator group
122.166 AP122, linear unit, 250mm stroke, LH/RH
122.167 AP122, linear unit, 500mm stroke, LH/RH


Part number Description
4552.000 Variable stroke KIT
4555.000 Custom stroke length option for applicator group
4558.000 Quick-exchange tamp pad, 120x160
4559.000 Quick-exchange tamp pad, 120x90
4565.000 Quick-exchange tamp pad, 160x123, RH
4566.000 Quick-exchange tamp pad, 160x123, LH
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