AL122 - High performance label dispenser

with fixed dispensing blade

The fixed dispensing blade can be used while the label is going to be applied on products with constant height and flat surface.
The sponge roll, water-cutted out of soft geraniocell, grants the adhesion of the dispensed label on the package.
The angle of the dispensing blade can be easly adjusted using its fixing screw. A set of holes helps to properly set the position of the label gap sensor.
Using a proper optional roll, is it possible to verticalise the machine to reduce longitudinal lenght.


Part number Description
122.150L AL122, 120mm, fixed blade, LH
122.150R AL122, 120mm, fixed blade, RH
122.152L AL122, fixed blade, 180mm paper width, LH
122.152R AL122, fixed blade, 180mm paper width, RH


Part number Description
122.915 Paper roll group for verticalisation
122.903 Fixed dispensing blade assembly, 120mm
122.915 Sponge roll assembly, 120mm
122.916 Paper roll group for verticalisation, 180mm
122.904 Fixed dispensing blade assembly, 180mm
122.912 Sponge roll assembly, 180mm
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