AL122 - High performance label dispenser

Potentiometer panel

The potentiometer panel unit provides an intuitive operator interface, allowing basic adjustment and operation of the AL122.
Two knobs allows regulation of machine speed and a second parameter of choice, while three colored LEDs gives information about the machine's status. Four pushbuttons allows one-touch start/stop of the applicator, paper feed and label gap calibration.
The potentiometer panel unit comes with a fully shielded 1,5m long cable with industrial M12 connector, allowing remotisation and fast connection to the machine. A 5m long extension cable is available as option.
Part number Description
122.180 Potentiometer panel KIT
122.504 Potentiometer panel (only)
122.015 Potentiometer panel support braket
4050.124 M12 M-F 5m extension cable, fully shielded
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