AL122 - High performance label dispenser

Encoder wheel KIT

The AL122 label dispenser can be integrated with an encoder wheel to measure the speed of the conveyor line. With this option, the machine is able to automatically adjust in real-time the label dispensing speed (in the range from 0m/min to 70m/min) granting a correct label appllication even with variable speed conveyor lines. As shown in the video, the conveyor can even stop and start while the label is being dispensed.
The encoder wheel KIT is supplied with a fully shielded 2m long cable with industrial M12 connector and a basic braket which fits the most common applications. A 5m long extension cable is available as option.
Part number Description
4122.003 Encoder wheel KIT
122.122 Encoder wheel, wired (only)
122.131 M12 Panel connector for encoder wheel
4050.124 M12 M-F 5m extension cable, fully shielded
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