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AP4050 Unwinder/Rewinder

The AP4050 unwinder/rewinder group modules are a serie of compact, powerful and affordable units which can be used to easily unwind and rewind paper rolls in combination with a Zebra compatibile print engine.
A constant tension of the rewinded paper is granted thanks to a clever servo dancer arm, controlled by a microprocessor, which works together with a micro-step driven stepper motor.
The standard rewinder group, designed to hold a 300mm diameter paper roll, is available in several versions: for 4" and 6" paper width, in Right Hand and Left Hand version, and in Black or White anodized aluminum. A 350mm diameter unwinder is also available.
Several options, like an end of paper photosensor or a three colors LED alarm lamp, are available (see the complete list below). All the options can be easily connected to the unit with industrial grade M12 connectors.
This unit works in perfect combination with the AP4050 pneumatic group or any AP4050 applicator group and can be controlled and configured via the AP4050 Display Controller. Furthermore, a USB interface is available as standard: thanks to a sophisticated software, which can run under Windows, Linux or MAC OsX, it is possible to remotely configure and monitor the unit, perform advanced diagnosies and firmware updates through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
The AP4050 rewinder unit provides also a D25 connector and several I/Os for advanced integrations.

Looking for a simplest solution? Check the AP4042 Unwinder/Rewinder module.

Technical data

Dimensions 350 x 585 x 220mm (4" version)
350 x 585 x 260mm (6" version)
Weight 7Kg (approx)
Label stock 300mm (76mm / 3" inner core) standard
350mm (76mm / 3" inner core) optional
Environement 5 to 35 *C, relative humidity from 20 to 90%
Interface M12 connectors for accessories and modules
DB25 connector I/O connector
DB15 printer connector
DB9 applicator connector
Power supply 90-263 VAC, IEC inlet and outlet


Part number Description
4050.173 AP4050 module, Unwinder/Rewinder group, 4", RH, Black
4050.174 AP4050 module, Unwinder/Rewinder group, 4", LH, Black
4050.170A AP4050 module, Unwinder/Rewinder group, 6", RH, White
4050.171A AP4050 module, Unwinder/Rewinder group, 6", LH, White
4050.170B AP4050 module, Unwinder/Rewinder group, 6", RH, Black
4050.171B AP4050 module, Unwinder/Rewinder group, 6", LH, Black
4050.175A AP4050 module, 350mm Unwinder/Rewinder group, 6", RH, White
4050.176A AP4050 module, 350mm Unwinder/Rewinder group, 6", LH, White

Options and accessories

Part number Description
4560.000 Three colord LED alarm lamp
4560.001 Three colord LED alarm lamp, with buzzer
4561.000 Interface cable for SATO printers
4562.000 End of paper photosensor KIT
4564.000 Counterflanges KIT
4554.000 Product sensor KIT, with reflector
4554.001 Product sensor KIT, direct sensing
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