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Pneumatic group

The AP4050 pneumatic group module provides a compact, easy and affordable unit which can be used to drive a custom made tamp-on / tamp-blow label applicator. This unit comes with its electronic board which features two solid state pressure sensors, several I/Os and five electrovalves. The custom made FESTO electrovalves block is used to control the extension and the retraction of a pneumatic actuator, an air assist, label vacuum on tamp and label air blow.
This unit works in perfect combination with the AP4050 Rewinder group and can be easily controlled and configured through the AP4050 Display controller. As for all our modules, a controller software for PC or tablets is available as well.

Standard features

The AP4050 pneumatic group's firmware is being constantly updated by a team of engineers who works in continuos contact with our partners and distributors. These are some of the functions covered by the standard software.

Tamp-on / Tamp-blow application
Direct blow application
Corner wrap label application
Wipe-on label application
Two sides application
Braking and overstroke
Barcode reader with reprint option
Reject of void RFID labels
Automatic protection door control

Technical data

Dimensions 330 x 130 x 120mm
Weight 7Kg (approx)
Air supply Dry air (filter-regulator included). min 6 bar, max 8 bar
Environement 5 to 35 *C, relative humidity from 20 to 90%
Features 5 electrovalves, 1 home sensor input, 1 proximity sensor input, 2 spare I/Os
Interface DB9 or M12 connector


Part number Description
4050.164 AP4050 module, pneumatic group, without actuators
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