Phoenix Italia

About us

Phoenix Italia has been founded in 1994. Today, after years of activity in the traceability sector, an enthusiast team works every day to deliver new labelling solutions for system integrators and machines manufacturers.
On January 2012 we moved in our new headquarters, based in Bareggio (Milan, Italy). A modern and polyfunctional area extended on more than 3000 m2 gives us a great logistic base to accomplish our mission: to design and produce modular label applicators, compatible with the most popular printers, continuosly upgrading existing products to meet the most demanding application requirements, while maintaining high and constant quality standards.

Nowadays Phoenix Italia produces more than 1000 label applicators a year and delivers to other label applicators manufacturers more than 3000 modules, giving them important bricks to build their success.
About 20.000 label applicators are today on the market, 80% of them abroad in Europe and in the U.S.

Since the first day, Phoenix Italia's sales network was exclusively indirect, through disributors and system integrators that are free to sale our products under their own commercial name and brand. They integrate our applicators or modules with printers purchased deparately and install the complete system at the end-user facilities.
Our deliberate choice was to concentrate all our resources on product development. Forthe same reasons, we do not resell printers or materials: this is the business of our partners.


2014 AE4050 launch: a new print-apply applicator with electric actuators
2013 AS4050 launch: a new print-apply applicator for heavy-duty integrations
2012 AL122 launch: a completey redesigned label dispenser for preprinted labels
2012 Phoenix Italia moved to its new headquarters in Bareggio (Milan, Italy)
2011 Phoenix Italia adopt a new management system to increase cooperation with its partners
2009 The first brick of the new headquarters is set down.
2006 AP4050 launch: a new, modern, modular label applicator for print engines
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