4050 Serie - Modular applicators for print engine

CB4050 - Ethernet and WiFi connection box

The 4050CB, based on the well-known ARM11 CPU, is designed to give Ethernet and WiFi connectivity to AP4050 and AL122 families.
4050CB grants a plug and play solution to perform remote control, configuration and diagnosis and works in perfect combination with AP4050 Remote Control Software.
The Ethernet interface may be automatically configured by the local router's DHCP server, or manually through the intuitive web interface.
After proper network configuration, if a local internet connection is available, the machine can be controlled not only from the local network, but from any pc connected to the internet performing operations, advanced diagnosis and firmware update.
The optional WiFi USB dongle gives to the 4050CB the capability to serve as Access Point to host a local Wireless Network. Thanks to this function, the operator or service technician can easily control the machine through a Laptop or tablet PC even in if the applicator is not physically accessible or segregated behind security barriers. The operating system, based on the popular and open-source ArchLinux ARM, boots in around 10 seconds helping the fast deployment of the device.

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Technical data

CPU 700 Mhz ARM1176JZF-S core
Memory 512MiB SDRAM
USB 2.0 ports 2
LAN Network 10/100 wired Ethernet RJ45
WiFi Network Through USB dongle (optional)
Power supply 5V DC
OS ArchLinuxARM (customized)

Part numbers

Part number Description
4590.000 CB4050, Ethernet + WiFi connection box
4590.001 CB4050, Ethernet connection box
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