AP4010 label applicator for Zebra ZT410

AP4010 Label applicator for Zebra ZT410

The AP4010, an evolution of the well-known AP4000, is a label applicator designed to work with the Zebra ZT410 desktop printer, allowing automatic tamp-blow or tamp-on application of the last printed label on still or moving objects.
The application tamp is driven by a small diameter cylinder, so the force is limited and cannot cause dangers to the operators.
It has been designed to satisfy a wide range of needs, but it fits better in low to medium speed applications, where labels need to be applied on boxes or pallets at the end of the production line.
Both tamp-blow and tamp-on are suitable for applying labels at various attitudes, including top, side or bottom.
The 300 mm diameter label roll assure good autonomy while the constant tension of the label web is granted by a stepping motor driven, microprocessor controlled rewinder.
The applicator is controlled by a second microprocessors, that takes care of the synchronization and alarm signals too, allowing easy integration into complex industrial automation systems. In the typical operating cycle, the applicator waits for a trigger signal (the object breaking the photocell beam or an external signal) to print the label, which is kept flat on the application plate by the air-assist nozzles. Once the label has been completely dispensed, it is locked on the plate by vacuum suction while the piston extends to the application position, then the air-blast applies the label on the object's surface and the piston retracts to the initial position, ready for a new cycle.
Application distance may vary between 0 and 50 mm, depending on label size and precision required (typically better than +/- 1 mm).
Maximum application speed may vary (depending on applicator and printer configuration, cylinder length, label size, etc.) typically between 15 and 40 labels per minute.

Technical data

Dimensions 710 x 610 x 270mm (4" version)
Weight 20Kg (approx, not including the printer)
Stroke length 250mm, 500mm
Label stock 300mm (76mm / 3" inner core)
Application rate Up to 30 labels/min
Application accuracy +/-1 mm on not moving products
Environement 5 to 35 *C, relative humidity from 20 to 90%
Interface DB25 I/O connector
Power supply Directly from ZT410 desktop printer
Air supply 6 bar, according to ISO8573-1


Part number Description
4010.160 AP4010 label applicator for ZT410, 250mm, LH
4010.161 AP4010 label applicator for ZT410, 500mm, LH

Options and accessories

Part number Description
4552.000 Variable stroke KIT
4564.000 Counterflanges KIT
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