Phoenix Italia

Your partner for label application solutions

Phoenix Italia: labelling solutions for system integrators

We offer a complete range of labelling solutions for system integrators. Our product portfolio, constantly upgraded together with our partners and customers, covers direct labelling and print apply on primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.
A complete range of ready modules and electronic boards for manufacturers which needs to build special machines is also available, together with qualified technical support and an efficient spare parts service.

AP4050, Modular label applicator

A wide range of modern and modular solutions which offers mechanical quality with advanced firmware and electronics.

AS4050, Heavy duty applicator for A5 labels

A heavy duty applicator for A5 labels: a clever, cost effective an reliable solution for pallet application.

AL122, High performance label dispenser

High performance label dispenser capable of 70m/min. A simple machine with an incredible price.

AP122, applicator for preprinted labels

Tamp-on or Direct blow applicator for preprinted labels with a full range of geometries and solutions.

AB4050, Direct blow label applicator

A fast, reliable and easy to use Direct Blow applicator. Change label format in seconds with just one screw.

Modules for integrator

Project and build your own applicators using our powerful and updated modules and electronic boards.